colour worlds solidified in crystal-clear resin | made visible in photography & sculpture

-a likeness of what the nature forms-


„Coloured designing with cast resin“ was my term paper’s subject in 2008 in which I first worked into the topic „cast resin“ more precisely. While I developed pieces, and was dealing with ecological and technical aspects of cast resin my work had a focus on the experimental use of this material. I, for instance, applied those to unusual places or infused materials, which usually are not comparable with resin. That's how numerous series of experiments with most different results originated. In my term paper I documented some of them, based on series of photos, and the first „gusswerke“ did appear.

New experiments, approaches and discoveries accompany me up to today. I work on implementation, technique and ideas I constantly improve.

Whenever time and mood allow me to, I love to experiment in “the cast resins world” and to create new “worlds of colours”.

Some specific parts of those worlds are „creating” themselves a little, because none of the proceedings is reproducible exactly. That's why I often move on the cutting edge between being an “alchemist and maestro”. Between “calculation and coincidence”.

In the process of infusing various materials into a liquid material (the cast resin), via intervention right up to the hardening, all the structures that happen to compose succumb physical laws and an organic order that results out of it. The cast resin compositions form into, develop and freeze in a natural aesthetic.

An aesthetic comparable to the way a tree’s branch grows, leaves are forming around a blossom, the way falling foliage arranges itself next to each other or how a drip of ink distributes in water.

There are area ratios everywhere in nature (even though we sometimes don´t even recognize it), which we sense to be particularly harmonic. That is the balance of two surfaces whose relation is defined by the “Fibonacci-numbers” or the “golden cut”. 

The compositions formed in “gusswerken” are also following this division constantly. 

To capture this „originality” further, my pictures are named according to a special colour code (based on the Natural Colour System®© NCS). The sum of all colour shades appearing in one picture is defined by this code. That's how a designation happens to be formed. The title stays objective. 

I put my photo prints under a seal of crystal clear cast resin in a last step. 



The picture’s emergence isn´t only an “unveiling”, “shaping” and “making visible”, but also the individual experience for the observer’s eyes. 


In short: 

like the way a drip of ink spreads into water, my “gusswerke” mirror the natures harmony in a moment of expansion out of colour, shape and material.


On the whole I believe the pictures are a likeness of 

what the nature “forms”.


Something primordial 

Something familiar


An atmosphere 

A feeling


That´s the “sentiment” i´d like to express during my works and i'd like to invite you to a moment of decleration.




abstract realities | frozen moments 



Tobias Sebastian Marcelo Günther, *1983, Cologne, Germany


| 2000 - 2006 

Kunst, Handwerk und Bau 

Einstieg in die Farbtechnik und Gestaltung großer Flächen 

Malerwerkstatt "Unikat" Cologne |


| 2006 - 2008 

Abschluss zum Malermeister und staatlich geprüften Gestalter für Farbtechnik und Raumgestaltung

Fachschule für Farbe und Gestaltung Stuttgart, Germany |


| 2009 

Angestellt als Facharbeiter in einem international tätigem Unternehmen 

Bereich Oberflächentechnik, Farb- und Raumgestaltung 

S`Arracò, Mallorca |


| 2010 

Gründung der Kunst- und Designschmiede "gusswerk" 

Köln |


| 2015 

Mehr "Freiraum" 

Eröffnung eines neuen Ateliers und Werkstatträumen 

Köln |


| seit dem 

Lebe und arbeite ich in Köln als freischaffender Künstler an neuen "gusswerken", 

sowie als passionierter Teilzeit Malermeister, für Farbtechnik, Beratung und Gestaltung. 

In beiden Bereichen begleitet mich meine Leidenschaft für "Handwerk-Kunst-Design" | 

ll  lll   lllll     llllllll        lllllllllllll 



Exhibitions | Prizes: (selection)


2009: Meister in Form und Farbe | Karlsruhe | Germany 

2009: colores del mundo | S´Arraco | Spain 

2012: top 100, Blooom Award by Warsteiner, presented at ArtFair Cologne | Germany 

2015: Galerie Display | Cologne | Germany 

2016: Kölner Liste | Art Fair | Cologne | Germany 

2016: Werkkunstgalerie Berlin | Germany 

2016: Art Innsbruck | Art Fair | Innsbruck | Austria 

2017: Moscow international Foto Awards, winner category "nature" | Russia 

2017: Galerie comebeck | Homburg/Saar | Germany 

2017: Art Galerie Essen | Germany 

2017: Donostiartean | Art Fair | San Sebastian | Spain 

2017: ArtUp! | Art Fair | Rouen | France 

2017: Galerie comebeck | Homburg/Saar | Germany 

2018: Kunstverein Dahn | Germany



2008 | "Farbige Gestaltung mit Gießharz" | 98 Pages 

2017 | Naumann Beck | Verlag für Kunst und kluge Texte | „Sinn und Sinnlichkeit“ | 32 pages 

2017 | Naumann Beck | Verlag für Kunst und kluge Texte | „Komm zu Tisch“ | 41 pages



2015 | Kölner Stadt Anzeiger | 03/04/15 | „Kern der Skulptur bleibt verborgen“ 

2018 | Die Rheinpfalz No. 64 | 16/03/2018 | "Amüsant und sehr politisch"



Tobias Günther | gusswerk | 2018